Hollywood Detox Center recognizes and encourages a holistic approach to detox and in response offers a vast menu of health and well-being services to ease individuals needs.

INTAKE ASSESSMENT AND PLAN – At Hollywood Detox Center all during the intake process all individuals are assessed by a licensed physician, our healthcare team (all licensed nurses), certified counselors, and licensed therapists. Our interdisciplinary approach ensures that all individuals receive the highest level of individualized care using best practices.

GOURMET MEALS AND NUTRITION PLANNING – Hollywood Detox Center has a Le Cordon Bleu graduate as our head chef. Rick is an incredible chef who prepares thoughtful gourmet meals to all of our community. We focus on optimal nutrition and special diets.

GUIDED MEDITATION – Take a pause – give yourself the gift of silence.  Immerse yourself in an oasis of peace, love, and light during our daily guided meditations. Meditation has been found to treat obsessive-compulsive disorders and addiction. These techniques can also help improve mental concentration and mental stability, reduce anxiety and depression, and promote a deep sense of inner peace.

YOGA – Originating in ancient India, this spiritual, physical, and mental workout is designed to enhance vitality and a sense of well-being. Participants will gain and improve flexibility, balance, and strength while most emphasis is placed on controlled breathing and meditative visualizations.

This practice is ideal for detoxification of the liver, adrenal glands, kidneys and lymph glands.  Our classes emphasize movements that will increase circulation and flexibility of the spine; a meditation specifically for addiction; and breathing techniques.

MASSAGE THERAPY– Massage is effective in alleviating muscle stress and tension while ridding the body of toxins. Enjoy relieved anxiety and aches that may be associated with your withdrawal symptoms. Studies show that massage therapies also increase the natural dopamine levels in the human body. Prolonged application of massage therapies can enhance the production of dopamine without resorting to chemical means. This is a naturally occurring result and can be invaluable as a part of natural pain management in a patient’s recovery during drug rehab treatment. This is a service that is offered on an as-needed basis. (Additional Cost)

HYPNOTHERAPY– During a Hypnotherapy session, it is the unconscious part of the mind that is spoken to, where new ideas, concepts and affirmations can be implanted, and it is here that old limiting beliefs and habits can be changed. Past phobias and learned negative behavior patterns, feelings, and concepts can be looked at and laid to rest, allowing the conscious mind to adopt a more rational, positive outlook. The subconscious part of our mind has no critical awareness and is only limited by our imagination




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